Corriboard is a twinwall profile extrusion formed by two skins, joined by a large number of flutes, giving a semi rigid board with good strength to weight ratio, being 80% air. This coupled with the properties of tough polypropylene copolymer results in a versatile product that has world wide applications for an ever growing range of products.

With environmental considerations uppermost in most nation's thinking, Corriboard solves many of these problems, as articles manufactures from this material are 100% recyclable.


Corriboard is an extruded corrugated sheet which can be used for building purposes (expansion strips) or used in the sign industry for cheap, temporary but long lasting durable signs.

We stock sheets in sizes of:-
2000mm x 1000mm
2440mm x 1220mm

Thicknesses of 4mm and a new 5.5mm

Colours:- White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange.

Corriboard Applications:

Box Making
Lightweight, water resistant and food approved. Die cuts and creases on standard machinery. Ideal for multi-trip collapsible packaging.

Tree shelters, Layer pads, Protection sheets (including flame retardant grades for the building industry coiled and flat sheet for protection of steel, aluminium plates, bars and coils).

Indoor and outdoor signage. Typically used as house 'for sale' signs and temporary building site signage.

Corriboard sheets start at a low price of £7 per sheet